From The TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch In The Digital Domain

From the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch in the digital domain, to the Heuer-02T tourbillon which carries the trappings of accessible haute horology, the completion of the 1,000th tourbillon movement is seen as a milestone, as it’s largely representative of TAG Heuer achieving its goals of repositioning itself solely as “gateway luxury” at each end of the spectrum of the Replica Watches they produce. And while under CEO Jean-Claude Biver, the brand has demonstrated a commendable shift in momentum in the past year, which is also likely the bigger-picture milestone being celebrated here.

The Swiss Replica Watches is packaged with the newly minted Swiss-made Connected Modular smartwatch to illustrate another goal of this modern Carrera, which utilizes a modular design that enables a high degree of personalization through the interchangeability of accessories across the new 45mm case.

And if you’ll remember, both the Connected Modular smartwatch and the Carrera Heuer-02T share that same case, so switching back and forth between the tourbillon and its digital companion on the same strap system should be a snap. Given the investment risk TAG Heuer Replica Watches has placed in the 02T, its early suggestions that the gamble is paying off seem reason enough to celebrate – and all the more for a great cause at the same time.

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